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G-THUN.... the Jug, returning from displaying at the Jersey International Air Display on Thursday! ... See MoreSee Less

G-THUN.... the Jug, returning from displaying at the Jersey International Air Display on Thursday!


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David Villeger won't be >too< long before we can recreate this in dcs

That's the first time I,ve heard a Thunderbolt called a Jug (juggernaught) in years.


Pete , you were right mate 😁

Saw her fly over Cowes, Isle of Wight at 14.10hrs right over my head, she sounded so sweet πŸ‘πŸ‘

P47 thunderbolt

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2 weeks ago

Ultimate Warbird Flights

Which one would you choose?? ... See MoreSee Less


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Would have to be The Grace Spitfire. ML407, one of the truly original conversions of a MKIX into a Trainer


P51 with out shadow of a doubt

All of them

What a fantastic sight and opportunity! Great to see the trio together. Would have to be the Buchon for me: veey rare opportunity, original and a movie star!

P-51 mustang

The one with a paid gas card...seriously, all are great...nice to see them flying instead of on a stick somewhere.



If its dual-control? The Spit.

Any πŸ‘


I'm waiting for the 2seater Hurricane πŸ˜‰


If it was a DB Engined BF109 then that would win hands down. Out of these 3 tho...the P-51. Spitfires...meh!


Buchon of course! there is so many good guys :D

Buchon for me!

All! Spitfire is awesome but would be rude not to say yes again. I think an experience in as many different aircraft as possible is important to make one a rounded plane nut!


Tough but has to be the Buchon. Only a Hurricane could top it for me.

Anyone, if you let me fly it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

Mustang for me.

The Spit - if I can fly it for a bit. Otherwise, the 109 would be a novelty. Mind you, that one isn't 'real' - it's not powered by a Daimler Benz 602. You can see from the shape of the cowlling that there's a Merlin under it's hood!

Definitely NOT the Hispano Messerschmitt. Not a real 109 imo,.. so, toss up between the Spit and the 'Stang.

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Now then, where in the world can you fly in a Spitfire, TF Mustang and a Hispano Buchon (ME109).... if Carlsberg did 2 seat Warbird rides 😝 ... See MoreSee Less


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Benjamin Ray xxx

Sywell Aerodrome , My home away from home :D


Hopefully they’ll be able to add the Sea fury to that list too .


Take my money now

in the sky!

WHAT!! a day! Thank-you!!

And as Max Boyce used to say ... 'I know - cos I was there' Lucky enough to see the 3 ship on 12th September, on the flight before mine - then I too had my flight in Spitfire ML407 and towards the end of our sortie we were joined by the Buchon and did an airfield pass together .. such a memorable occasion - still smiling now 😊😎 Thanks to you all at The Grace Spitfire for a stunning day 😁#ultimatewarbirdflights #airleasing #ML407

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A successful weekend in France at a very busy Air Legend airshow, all aeroplanes back in the stable and beers all round!! ... See MoreSee Less

A successful weekend in France at a very busy Air Legend airshow, all aeroplanes back in the stable and beers all round!!


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Good to see you're back again with no problems, must be good maintenance.

Crummy wx then?


Was amazing to see Jug in the air. Thanks and see you soon.

Ah it was you lot I saw over North Kent this afternoon 🀣. Caught the Buchon, Wildcat, Spitfire & Hurricane as a 4-ship, but just before another aircraft split off from the formation, just south of the Isle of Sheppey

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Somewhere over France! ... See MoreSee Less

Somewhere over France!


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Some formation !! Steve Alex Kevin πŸ‘

Love it.

Next year D-Day please!?!?

What a shot 😍

Melun Γ§a doit Γͺtre top πŸ˜‰

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